A Fresh Approach To Small Business Accounting

At iFinance Department, we help small businesses grow through the power of online accounting. We understand that you need to focus on doing what you do best, rather than reconciling the accounts. That’s why our dedicated team of experts will take the accounting stress away from you.  With our suite of online tools, we can provide you with financial alerts, KPI monitoring, and financial reporting to provide you with the advice and support you need.

Our fresh approach to small business accounting means that you can choose the level of accounting support you need. We have categorised our services as Essentials, Insights, and vCFO.  Essentials represents all the boring compliance work that a business will usually hire an accountant for.  Insights are the services that you would like to have an accountant for.  This is about monitoring the current health of your business and planning for its growth. For larger companies that need regular financial support, we offer vCFO services.

We work with small and medium sized businesses throughout the UK and the US, in many industries. Whether you’re a Sole Trader, Limited Company or in a Partnership, we can help your business grow.

Tailored Packages

Pay for the accounting services that you need, nothing more. Whatever level of support you choose, you'll get a vastly experienced accountant onboard.


Good advice requires good information. That is why all our packages include expert, proactive financial advice, much more than your usual accountant.


We use powerful cloud reporting tools to help shed light on your financial situation and forecast your strategic success with insightful commentary.


With all of our financial tools running on your business, your experienced CFO can advise on the most important financial matters affecting your business.

We use Xero Accounting to help us stay close to your business.

Cloud accounting software allows us to see and use the same data to help us give you the best possible financial advice.

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We are not your typical accounting firm.

We go far beyond simply preparing your annual accounts, corporation tax, and having an annual meeting with you to discuss your reports.  We will keep a close eye on your business financials on a regular basis to ensure everything is going well.  We love working with our clients to help their businesses succeed and grow!


Ready to learn more about your business?

Discover where you are. Forecast where you are going. Plan for where you want to be.

  • I am so happy with the professional, friendly and supportive service I have received from iFinance Department. As their name suggests I feel as though I have an extremely competent, knowledgeable Finance Department on board, which is scalable to meet our needs as we grow.
    iFinance have worked methodically with us to streamline all our company's financial processes, increasing our efficiency substantially, enabling us to have more time to focus on other areas.
    iFinance have been excellent value for money and I would highly recommend them!!!!
    Fay Barker
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    We originally hired iFinance Department to do our bookkeeping but within less than a year, we saw the transformative work Anthony’s done in not only cleaning up our messy books but also implementing easy-to-use processes and systems that provided us with real-time accounting needs. Anthony is now our virtual Finance Director and looks after our payroll, accounts, as well as providing me with all-important financial advice and strategies - particularly useful for my monthly board meetings. Anthony gives exceptional care to understanding our needs, and he is especially good at communicating this to a non-finance person! He has a real passion for integrating into our business which I am very grateful for, as he is not only hands-on but he is highly reliable and feels just like an extension of our team.
    Jennifer Lam
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    I have had the opportunity to work with Anthony closely at Board level for 5 years, in his capacity as Finance Director for the company.  Anthony is extremely dedicated, detail-oriented, self-motivated, and highly creative.  Anthony is also a natural leader and has always met his deadlines in reporting financial issues and reports to the board on a monthly basis.
    Martin Coppard
    Operations Director

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