Who we are

Our Managing Director

Anthony Hanson BSc ACMA CGMA

Anthony qualified as an Accountant in 1996 and has been the Finance Director for several SME companies of various sizes and industries since 2000. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Accounting, is a licensed member in practice of CIMA, a member of AICPA, and is a Xero certified advisor.

Our approach

iFinance Department provides the services of a traditional finance department for our clients on a fixed cost subscription basis. That way you will not be surprised when it comes to cost.

We will come to your business when the situation requires, but our day-to-day work is performed remotely. You will have a team of dedicated staff working for you, so you can get to know the people that work for your business. You may get involved with each member of your finance department as much or as little as makes that person comfortable.

As your business needs change, we will provide additional resources as needed. Alternatively, should your business be disrupted by say the loss of a large customer, we will scale back time as required. Therefore, you will always have access to exactly the resources you need.

Our values

Honesty, integrity and discretion in everything we do

This is our guiding principle. For every decision we make, conversation we have, or task that we work on, we ask ourselves whether this will pass all three tests. Is this honest? Am I upholding my integrity? Is this something my client would want me to discuss or do?

Essentially, we always want to be doing what is right, for you.

Practice collaboration to ensure best practice

We all work together as one large team to discuss issues and bounce ideas off each other to always come up with the best solution for you. As each team member works with different clients and has different experiences, by sharing our collective knowledge and experiences, we can develop best practice solutions for you.

Be detail oriented

If there is one area of the business where it pays to be pedantic, it is definitely the finance department. Between posting transactions accurately, and preparing an accurate set of books, we need to pay attention to the details.

Act like an owner

It is important for each person to take ownership for the work they do. We do not think that we can defer responsibility to someone else, but rather treat it as our own and be confident that it was done correctly and to the best possible solution.

Our mission

We partner with our clients to provide management accounting and bookkeeping services on a personalised basis. We employ exactly the amount of resource required to create a compelling value proposition for SMEs. Our services can be regularly amended to continually meet the needs of our clients.

Our vision

We strive to bring the efficiencies of business process outsourcing to SMEs by making a tailored, outsourced finance department the norm for small and medium sized businesses.